Who Knows Best: Fighting the Fat

Last night’s “Who Knows Best – Fighting the Fat”, on channel 4, was so awful I hardly know where to start.

The programme pitches supposed experts against one another like modern day gladiators. Last night’s challenge was about weight loss and pitched Paul the personal trainer (who thinks people are overweight because they are lazy and greedy and who shouted and swore his way through the programme) against Janet (who supposedly took a psychological approach).

Each contestant chose a willing victim for the other person to work with and the challenge was on – who could get their person to lose the most weight over a 6 week period? Paul was allocated Sarah whose favourite food was spam and egg pie, and Janet got Shareema who had a thing about chocolate doughnuts

Surprise, surprise the outcome was that Paul’s victim lost 22lb and Janet’s only 6lb. Hardly surprising since Paul’s approach involved serious exercise bordering on torture, coupled with a strict diet. A perfect strategy for short term dramatic weight loss (and subsequent dramatic weight gain…)

The programme was pointless in the first place because it is not that
hard to lose weight over 6 weeks – you can do this using any
number of diets. The hard thing is to keep it off.

Also, how can you conclude anything from an experiment involving just two people? How silly.

The “psychological approach” was very disappointing. I suspect Janet may do a good job in reality. It may that the programme makers just wanted to make her look silly by concentrating on tapping meridians and associating doughnuts with vomit (techniques which were presented in such a way as to invite ridicule).

But it didn’t seem that Janet’s woman got away from the “diet mentality” of good and bad foods, and “naughty days”, so again it just looked like a diet and I suspect she put the weight back on. She said she was an emotional eater but the only strategy we saw for dealing with this was “tapping the meridians”. This kind of thing can help some people but they also need to work out how to deal with emotions in other ways, without using food. I’m sure Janet will have covered this but we didn’t see it on the programme.

So, a victory for Paul the sadist, but I don’t suppose viewers had any doubt about what will happen to Sarah’s weight when Paul is no longer kicking her arse, as he so charmingly put it!

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Denis Watkins

Hi Sharrema. I was glad to read your comments and I wish you all success in your diet regime. I am a very enthusiastic follower of lots of exercise. Everything I have ever read about exercise confirms my views. However, if I might just say what works for me.

First, find an exercise you enjoy or at least is not unpleasant. For most of my life it was playing sports, particularly football, and lots of walking/hiking. Now it is mainly walking/hiking. I have found a good electronic but simple pedometer a huge incentive. My aim is a minimum of 10,000 steps a day and as I have a Labrador this is perfect as he walks with me.

Second. There is massive scientific support for load bearing excercise e.g.: weight lifting; these exercise “elastics” – I bought a set of “FLEXCORDS” via Amazon and they provide endless oportunities.

Third. The appropriate diet and Roz knows a lot more about this than myself.

Four. Persevere. The only failure is to give up trying.

You sound to me like a terrific person who has the great virtue of being open minded and ready to change to use new ideas. I wish you lots of luck in your regime.

08/25/2010 04:06 PM

Hi Sharrema, thanks for this update. It’s really useful to know a bit more about what actually went on. I’m glad that Janet’s techniques are helping you. I suspected that she did a lot more than we saw, and that it could be good. It’s a shame it wasn’t portrayed a bit more positively but if the whole idea is to lose weight as fast as possible, you are never going to get a sensible approach winning!
Anyway, it’s great that you are losing weight and I find if it comes off slowly, it seems to stay off! Insulin resistance can certainly make it harder so it’s great that you are making progress. And I’m glad that Emma is getting help from Janet too.
Congratulations on the X-Factor and your album launch – that is really fantastic – well done!

08/23/2010 05:50 PM
Denis Watkins

The programme was not about losing weight; it was about entertainment. Paul, with an attitude so simple minded as to make me cringe, you can throw in his own internal macho needs as “I don’t care if people don’t like me, I’m here to do a job.” Yeh, yeh Paul. You are a really tough guy with desperate overweight women and obese men. Rather sad that you have to work out your own so obvious insecurities on these vulnerable people desperate to lose weight. In my view this is the only approach open to you as you have neither the professional knowledge nor insight to do anything else.

Janet may have offered more and done better. We will never know. The programme was so crass and superficial that she looked lost and, I’m afraid, rather foolish.

08/21/2010 05:27 PM

Sharrema Collapse

Hey guys, I’m Sharrema from “Who knows best” just to give you a quick update, I was very sceptical at the start about the things I did with Janet, something’s have worked for me others haven’t and so some of the tapping techniques I have carried on using as well as the pain and pleasure antidote but I’m using a mix of Janet’s methods and exercise because I actually am enjoying going to the gym and there were a lot of things that were filmed that you guys didn’t see. My weight loss maybe slow moving but it is moving and no matter what you have seen the one thing I hope you all realise is that I totally love me no matter what. Just to give you a progress report the reason why my weight loss was slow is that I found out during filming that I have insulin resistance which slows down your weight loss but is in no way an excuse. I have been attending the gym, yoga and classes at least twice a week my motivation is my album lunch in September which is giving me a well earned kick up the butt and also X-factor in which you will see me hold down a dance routine by the pussycats dolls choreographer Brian. Update on Emma is that since filming the show she has declined any assistants from Paul and is not continuing with any of his regime but you know what I don’t blame her instead will now be working with Janet. As for me myself and Janet our still in contact and I’m attending future seminars with her.

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