Enlightened Eating Principles and Hunger Scale

The Enlighten Programme Enlightened Eating Principles – How naturally slim people eat

1. Eat when you are physically hungry, and don’t eat when you aren’t hungry.

Eat when you reach about 7 or 8 on the hunger scale.

2. Eat what you want and what makes you feel good (rather than what you think you “should” eat).

Enjoyment is a critical part of metabolising food correctly and losing weight sustainably.

DO eat lots of natural, unprocessed foods, but don’t treat sweet or fatty foods as totally “off limits” or you’ll only want them more.

As well as taking into account what you fancy “in the moment” notice which foods tend to make you feel good a few hours’ later too, and aim to focus on them rather than “quick fix” foods

We recommend that you avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners. Your body doesn’t recognise these as real foods, and they have been linked to weight gain and metabolic problems.

3. Eat slowly and concentrate on your food.

Slow your eating speed down to a quarter of what it normally is. Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. Really chew your food.

Take 5 deep breaths before you start eating. Eat at a table without distractions. Don’t watch TV while eating!

4. When you think you are satisfied, STOP EATING!

Stop eating at about 4 on the hunger scale. If you’re hungry again ten minutes later, eat again.

Initially, deliberately leave some food on your plate.

Also… Move your body

Move your body every day for at least an hour. Take every opportunity to move your body – up stairs, across the supermarket car park, around the shops, while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or whatever. Incorporate fun activity into your life.

The Enlighten Programme ® Hunger Scale

Hunger Scale
no How Hungry you are
10 Ravenous! You may be feeling faint or shaky or irritable. Absolutely desperate to eat.
9 Extremely hungry.
8 Hungry and definitely ready to eat. Hungry enough to fully enjoy your food and confident that it will taste great. But not so hungry that you feel desperate to eat.
7 Quite hungry. Your tummy may be beginning to rumble and images of food may start popping into your head!
6 Just beginning to feel hungry. You need to wait a little longer before you eat but make sure you will be able to eat soon.
5 Neutral. neither hungry nor full.
4 Pleasantly satisfied. You have had just enough food to feel satisfied and not stuffed full. This amount of food leaves you feeling energised rather than lethargic.
3 You have gone slightly beyond satisfied. You might be eating mindlessly – to clean your plate to please someone else because you have been feeling deprived or just because it tastes so good! Stop and ask yourself why you are still eating.
2 Stuffed. You’re feeling somewhat uncomfortable. You might feel bloated and want to loosen your belt or sit back in your chair.
1 Absolutely stuffed to the limit. Possibly feeling sick. Work out why you ate so much but remember nobody died!