Client Comments

We have kept these quotes confidential because this can be quite a personal subject. If you would like more information, please do get in touch.

“OMG! Roz, I have just left half of my Lunch because I didn’t want it!!! What have you done to me?! I have NEVER done that in 39 years!This is very bizarre, bring on NLP! (still haven’t touched the Chocolate or the Biscuits!) Have a great Weekend”

“I have been working through the Workbook, which has been really useful and have been very concientious in listening to the CD each night in bed. Your voice is, in itself, very hypnotic and I have yet to listen to it all the way through, as I fall asleep every time!

Something is definitely working though, on a sub – conscious level, I am sure, as I have not binged AT ALL, which is unheard of for me, but is particularly amazing, given that the house is full of Chocolate, Cakes etc from Easter. I am absolutely thrilled and amazed. I know that it is early days, but I am so hopeful, thank you so much!Eating only when hungry makes so much sense and not having any restrictions on what choices I make, also really helps, because if I need to eat something formally “forbidden”, I can have it.

I have lost weight already & can’t believe that I have done so with no restrictions.”

“Dear Roz, Doing the course has been an amazing and positive experience
I can’t believe how different my relationship with food is now and the positive effect it has had generally I would recommend your approach to anyone.

I’ve actually realised that it isn’t all about weight loss but about sorting out how I deal with food and the place it holds in my life.

BUT In four weeks I have lost 15 pounds which is almost unbelievable, I haven’t dieted, I’ve eaten butter, cream, full fat yoghurt and milk, cheese, eggs how is it possible?!I love keeping the food diary, it’s so useful and inspiring. I’m loving cooking and my family are enjoying my new recipes and willingness to eat out (even though I have to leave food and don’t think I could ever eat 3 courses again).

I haven’t touched anything with artificial sweeteners in (and I was a diet coke addict), no transfats or artificial ingredients and I’ve really cut down on refined foods.

I’ve got lots more energy for exercise and I’ve also taken up yoga and pilates which I love and which have real mental and emotional benefits as well as fitness ones.

I could go on all day but I won’t . Thank you so much for your programme, feel free to use any of this email as a testimonial and if you don’t mind, I’ll keep you update on how I’m doing form time to time.”

“Hello again!

I am still continuing to eat only when I am hungry
and am noticing that my clothes are becoming looser. Yippee!

What I have been pleased about is the lack of my need to turn to food when I am stressed, unhappy or even happy! It amazes me that when I am feeling this way I wait until I am relaxed and if I am hungry I will eat. I have tried many times to follow the Geneen Roth method and even read Paul McKenna’s book a few times and somehow I could never apply the guidelines (and grew fatter in the process).

… Recently I gave away my stash of chocolate bars because I noticed that the sell by date were nearly due. This stash was like my comfort blanket; I was under the illusion that if there was ever a time in the future that I would crave my favourite chocolate then I wouldn’t have to go far to have it. It seems incredible that if I do want to eat something particular that is not on hand I can now wait (even a couple of days) until I find exactly what I want.

At work after listening to one of my male co-workers talk about his weight loss through jogging and eating sensibly I was really happy for him that he had achieved his goal. I also noticed how the others in the office looked at him as if what he had done was an impossible task! It reminded me of my own commitment to weight loss and even though I am choosing to do something different, I have experienced so many rewards on this journey that I can actually believe there will be a time in the future where the people in the office will be congratulating me!”

“Just to let you know all going well with the course!!!
I am slowly changing my habits..I think more weight is coming off but haven’t weighed myself since the last time!!

Its very interesting…all the psychological aspects to it…things I had never thought of!! You are a very clever lady…”

“Dear Roz, you will never know how grateful I am
for your approach to the issues which I been having with food. Your understanding and communication of how to resolve them is so refreshing!”

“I need to tell you how important your work is.
You understand and communicate weight issues better than ANY individual or program I have ever encountered. What avenues have you taken to get your course available to the American public? … I hope I am not being too presumptuous by my suggestion, but you must be available to as many people as possible!”

“Dear Roz, I am having a great time with the course.
I feel as though I have been liberated. I have had a number of “light bulb” moments. … I also realised that I had always felt a bit panicky when putting food on my plate and always took big portions that I would finish completely. Now I take smaller portions and for some reason, the panic is completely gone. I have had three meals in which I reverted to my old eating habits but I recognise the triggers that brought that on (social situation and alcohol)…I think the best moment for me was this morning when I was musing about the course. I have had a pattern of breaking diets when they start to seem like they are working. This time, there is no diet to break and so when I realised that my clothes are beginning to feel loose, I didn’t get the usual compunction to break the diet. There is nothing to break. That was wonderful…Thank you for guiding me to recognise and break with some negative patterns of a life time.”

“Dear Roz, It is nearly 2 weeks since I finished the programme
and things are progressing well. I am continuing to loss inches. My way of thinking about myself is much kinder and the way of eating is beginning to be much more natural. I feel more comfortable about going out to eat. I have also noticed that I am more at ease when shopping in supermarkets. I always had to walk down the sweet isle and stare at the large bars of chocolate but now find I have passed them without thinking about it.

I always enjoy Christmas, the preparation and the day but this year I don’t have the attitude that’s is Christmas so it’s an excuse for a blow out! I will continue with my new eating habits.

Tomorrow I am going to the hairdresser which may seem an irrelevant thing to tell you but it was there that I read about you in “Red” magazine and I will always be grateful for that. So I will raise a cup of coffee to you when I am having my highlights done. Thank you and I wish you a very happy Christmas.”

“I’m on day 8 of the course and I’m really enjoying it. I feel that since day 6 it has kicked in – actually leaving food on my plate and listening to my hunger. Thank you so much for an easy yet proactive course”

“The Weight Loss coaching programme has changed not only my eating habits but my whole way of life. I no longer have this great burden on my shoulders as to what I can eat and can’t eat, whether or not it’s low fat and stressing that if I go out for a meal I have to starve myself all day, etc, etc, etc. All that has gone and I now eat not only a good deal healthier but what and when I please. It’s amazing. It’s also given me confidence to start changing other areas of my life.The best benefit is I have lost weight and kept it off too!!!!! You are a wonderful coach, listener and mentor, the programme makes so much sense, I only wish I could have met you 10 years ago!!”

“I am on day 21 now and havent overeaten since starting the course, despite the Christmas period and gifts of chocolates and sweets ect. I am able to stick to it as I now enjoy my meals, which is something I didnt do before when trying to lose weight, so your course has really helped me. I have only lost 3 lbs. but at least my weight is not going up as it was before. I shall work on including even more nutritious foods and healthy choices but feel I am on the right track.

The course has helped me to face and think about my problems instead of trying to hide them.

I do have emotional baggage … but have realized that nothing can be done and overeating just makes things worse. There are areas in my life now that are missing, but I am trying to move onwards and upwards, accept what cant be changed and develop and improve myself and my life… I seem to have wasted such a lot of my time, but feel that I am changing. Wishing you a Very Happy New Year “

“I thought that the home study course was excellent. The course was very clear and set out in a format that was easy to understand and follow, and very practical. It also gives excellent explanations of how the subconscious works etc.

I am now able to eat when hungry, and very rarely eat until I’m stuffed. I am slowly losing the habit of thinking of foods as healthy and unhealthy but I am being patient with myself as 20 years of dieting is not easy to change overnight!

I havent lost any weight, but it is an achievement for me to be able to eat what I want and stay at the same weight at present. I feel that I have some unconscious reasons why my body is so reluctant to let go of the weight, and am doing alot of reading on the subject to try to work on this ….

I found the whole course helpful and found it extremely helpful to keep a record of the foods I ate on a daily basis. I also particularly liked the exercise where you had to imagine yourself at a party becoming slimmer and fatter as this exercise revealed a great deal to me as to why I am still holding this weight. I have also learned to communicate with my subconscious through this programme which for me is amazing!

I was extremely motivated and enthused by this course and completed the programme. Thanks again for a truly enlightening programme!”

“I’m so content at the moment and I truly believe that you have played a major part in this…Working through your programme has been a journey of discovery, being over weight is an annoyance, it doesn’t hold me back in any significant way, doesn’t stop me doing things, it only prohibits the type of clothing that I wear . .’s been good to acknowledge this.

Me and my unconscious mind have come to an agreement, I will be more aware and learn to listen to my body, recognise when I’m hungry and eat and my UM will understand that we are not in a famine, that it’s just me being ‘absent-minded’ and will not ‘store’ what I do eat as fat for the future. Using a pendulum and the sway test we (me & UM) will conquer this!”

“Dear Roz, I am currently following your home study programme and have reached day 8. I would like to say that I think the programme is brilliant, I think that I was ready to do this, I have tried so many ‘diets’ and could not face the thought of another one!! Even after day 7, I find myself thinking that I am in control of my ‘unicorn’ ha ha!

I found the programme from a magazine advertisement but I think you would do very well with this in the Birmingham area if it were promoted!! I am very pleased that I decided to order it, a big thank you once again.”

“Hello Roz, I have now reached day 8 of the course. I am pleasantly surprised by the impact it seems to have had on me, as I am the veteran of endless diets and have kept food diaries before – but I lied on them!. I have been enjoying my food but not eating to excess and not eating between meals so much – in fact, on a couple of occasions I’ve left a bit of food on my plate (a real novelty for me), passed up dessert and passed up a chocolate biscuit or two on the grounds that I didn’t really want it ! I feel very well and very positive about it. Thanks for the help. I will be off on holiday tomorrow but will be taking the materials with me and will continue to follow the programme as best I can, Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns notwithstanding! I will check in on my return. I feel slimmer already.”

“The programme was easy to follow and really interesting to read. It was structured well and the content made a lot of sense. I looked forward to the time I spent going through the exercises and will miss it now I am at the end! I feel it has made a huge difference to me personally and helped me understand my own body and its relationship to food. I know the changes I have made are permanent and so I am totally in your debt Roz!! “

“To be entirely honest it is the most helpful information I have come across, by a large margin. It identifies exactly what my problem is and why I am not losing weight even though I exercise most days and eat very little.”

“I have tried to write and re-write a testimonial that says ‘it all’ about Roz Watkins but I just can’t seem to be able to write enough or find the right words to do her justice. Roz’s knowledge is second to none, her ability to put you at ease and put a spring in your step is just amazing.”

“I am not dieting, I eat what I want and I now enjoy what I eat. I know if I follow the hunger scale and make my steps I will achieve my weight loss. I would like to thank you very much Roz for all your help and guidance on this programme. It has helped me to look at where I have been going wrong with my eating habits and how to address them. You have given me goals to aim for and simple rules to follow that work.”

“Thank you for releasing me from the guilt, weight gain, diet cycle of the past 28 years. Thank you for making it all make sense and for giving me the real joy of food back.”