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Roz Watkins

Roz on Oto the horse Roz has a scientific background, having originally studied natural sciences at Cambridge University. Roz is also a post graduate qualified coach, a master practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy, a qualified hypnotherapist and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (animal training using positive reinforcement).

Roz has always had an interest in the mysteries of weight and eating, having watched her mother battle with her weight when Roz was a child, using every possible technique from the conventional to the bizarre, and even including a 13 day fast! Roz’s mum (who was a G.P.) also admitted that she was powerless to help her patients lose weight, even when it was vital for their health.

Roz also had her own experiences of gaining and losing weight in the past, which made her suspect that there was more to weight loss than just eating less and doing more. For example, she spent eight months in India, Thailand and Indonesia, much of it not very well and hardly eating anything (but still pushing herself to hike up every available volcano!) and didn’t lose a pound. Meanwhile, her friends on the same regime became extremely thin. Roz then lost weight back in England, land of plenty, without restricting her food in any way. At the time this was a mystery but the reasons are now clear and fall within the areas covered in the Enlighten Programme.

Starsky the dogAs Roz developed her NLP, coaching skills and animal training skills, she became particularly interested in the effect of the unconscious mind on weight gain and loss. Using the animal as a metaphor for the unconscious mind gave her techniques for “training” that often unruly part of ourselves! She realised that we often use kinder and more sophisticated techniques to modify our animals’ behaviour than to modify our own! So she started to incorporate the best animal training techniques into her materials.

Her work in this area gave her an insight into her own experiences and the experiences of many other people who seemed to defy the “commonsense rules” of weight loss. In working with clients, she was surprised how effective the new psychological techniques can be, and how often the conventional advice on weight control fails or even makes matters worse.

Roz carried out research of her own into this subject, working with a number of people who had “tried everything”. This included working with her mother (herself a doctor) to finally get to grips with her food intolerances and her 50 year long battle with her weight!

Louise Trevatt

Louise TrevatLouise founded the highly successful coaching training company Simply Changing. She is very experienced coach and now specialises in training others to be excellent coaches.

A few years’ ago, Louise took an interest in Roz’s ideas about using horses in coaching, and before very much longer she had her own horse! (Never go to a horse auction if you love animals and can be impulsive!)

Roz and Louise developed the EQUUS leadership programme, and they work together on the animal-assisted programmes.