10 Things You Need to Know about Losing Weight?

For years, mainstream doctors have been saying:

  • To lose weight you just need to eat less and do more; if you get hungry, tough – you have to resist it;
  • A calorie is a calorie is a calorie – it doesn’t matter where it comes from;
  • You must reduce fat especially saturated fat if you want to lose weight;
  • Exercise is good for you but it doesn’t actually “burn” very many calories;
  • Cereal and skimmed milk is a good breakfast (being low in calories and fat).

However, when I ask my clients to record what they eat and notice how it makes them feel afterwards (e.g. do they get hungry again very quickly or crave sweet foods later) and when I encourage them to eat what they really feel like, they notice that:

  • Allowing themselves to get very hungry backfires because they can then no longer control what they eat;
  • It makes a huge difference where their calories come from in terms of how the food makes them feel and how much they eat at the next meal;
  • They seem to be able to eat full fat dairy (in reasonable moderation) and still lose weight;
  • Exercise makes a big difference to the amount of weight they lose;
  • If they eat a protein breakfast such as eggs (free range please!) they don’t get hungry mid morning and don’t crave chocolate;

Now, lo and behold, “scientists” have shown that my clients were right. In the programme “10 things you need to know about losing weight” on Wednesday, it was confirmed that:

  • If you get too hungry, you can’t control yourself – your unconscious mind takes over;If you eat protein, it does keep you going much longer;
  • The calcium in dairy stops you absorbing as much fat;
  • Exercise increases your metabolic rate for a long time after you finish exercising;
  • It’s good to eat eggs for breakfast.

The sad thing is that for years, doctors have been giving people bad advice. And yet, if people are encouraged to respect themselves and listen to their own bodies, they actually work these things out for themselves!

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