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Update – Enlighten Programme coaching is on hold as Roz now has a three-book deal from HQ (HarperCollins) and is concentrating on writing her detective series set in the Peak District. Her debut novel was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger award, and will be published in 2018. It has also been optioned by ITV Studios.

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If you’ve arrived at this site, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that dieting isn’t the answer to controlling your weight. You’ve probably tried any number of diets only to end up fatter.

Most likely, you’re not stuffing your face with junk food. You’ve probably tried incredibly hard over many years to do the right thing, only to find that nothing works long term.

So, what do we have to offer that’s different from just another diet?

And what’s it got to do with animal training?

Lasagne by mistakeRecent advances in brain science show that human beings have a very powerful unconscious mind, which in reality calls the shots a lot of the time. We like to think that we can control our behaviour consciously, but if you’ve ever found yourself eating something you didn’t exactly intend to, you know that to some degree you’re not quite in charge.

Roz and OtoOur philosophy is that there is an unconscious part of you that controls your eating and your weight, and that this unconscious part is both very powerful and very TRAINABLE! (just like a horse).

Experiments have demonstrated that your unconscious mind can modify the secretion of hormones – it can make you feel hungry or full regardless of what you have eaten and I believe it can influence whether you turn your food into energy (making you feel good and lose weight) or fat (making you feel hungry and gain weight).

So, it is vital that this unconscious part of you is “on side”. But the conventional ways of managing this unconscious part are unsophisticated to say the least!

Your unconscious mind has the best of intentions for you, but sometimes it gets things wrong.  If you over-eat, it may be trying to make you feel good in ways it learned as a child.  It may be confused or over-influenced by something that happened to you in the past so that it actually thinks it is good to be overweight. It a bit like an animal and needs to be “trained”, using kind, proven techniques. Without really thinking about it, we often try to try to train it using bullying and unpleasantness – and this won’t work very well!

To deal with a weight problem long term, you need to have a good relationship with your unconscious mind and it needs to have no reason to want you to be fat.

Our approach to weight loss is to help you make friends with your unconscious mind and learn how to get it on side. We want you to listen to it, so it will listen to you.

We combine coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy and the most modern and effective behaviour modification approaches from the world of animal training. (Believe me, if you can train a dog not to chase squirrels without using punishment, you should be able to train yourself to Back Away from the Fridge!)

Browse around the site for more information about what we do, or sign up for the free mini-course which gives you more information in a step-by-step format, spread over five days.

Meet Roz and her gorgeous cat Alfie, as they investigate whether “healthier” Elmlea is all it seems…